10 March 2020

Our guide to correctly servicing your vehicle

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What is vehicle servicing?

A vehicle service is carried out to ensure your car is running smoothly. A trained mechanic will inspect your vehicle for signs of wear and tear, and make suggestions of upgrades and renewals in order to keep your vehicle in top condition.

This will in turn, reduce the chance of breakdowns and part failure to keep your car on the road.

My car has just passed an MOT, does it still need a service?

Yes. An MOT and service are separate entities. An MOT ensures your car is roadworthy, this means checking your vehicle’s components are working safely and effectively.

A service takes the car’s overall health into consideration and inspects: wear and tear, fluid levels and aims to spot potential issues.

Do all vehicles require servicing?

Yes, all cars should be serviced on a regular basis. For a car with average mileage, this generally would mean once a year, or when you reach 12,000 miles since the last service was undertaken.

When should my car have its first service?

Your car should have its first service at 12 months old, or when you reach 12,000 miles. If you are a high mileage user (around 2,000 miles per month) it would be sensible to carry out a bi-annual service in addition to the annual.

What does a service include?

During a service a member of our team will check many aspects of your vehicle. We pay particular interest to brakes, as it is vital for your safety that your brakes are checked on a regular basis. An inspection will be carried out on your brake discs and pads, brake shoes and drums. Your brake pipes and fluid will also be checked. We will also check your suspension for signs of wear and tear, your tyres will be inspected too. Belts will be checked and replaced where necessary. Diagnostic testing will take place and any potential issues will be reported back to you.

Like all reputable garages, no additional work will be carried out without first quoting it.

You can find out exactly what servicing your vehicle includes over on our servicing page

Can I use a local garage instead of a main dealer?

Yes of course. We often carry out servicing for customers that have opted for us over a main dealer. Our team are professionally trained to service all makes and models of cars, we use genuine parts, your service book will be stamped and you will maintain your manufacturer’s warranty. In fact the only thing that is different will be the cost, as you will experience huge savings.

How do I know which type of service my car needs?

All makes and models have slightly different recommendations on when services should be carried out, and which one is required. Check your vehicle’s service book to see when your next service is due. If you can’t locate the information, we may be able to assist. Call our friendly team to check your vehicle’s requirements and book your next service.

If my car is low mileage, does it still need servicing?

Yes, regardless of mileage we still recommend an annual service. This also helps should you decide to sell your vehicle, as buyers like to the see that a car has been well maintained before committing to purchase.

How to book a service?

No matter your make or model of car, we would love to help. If you are looking for a Bromley garage to carry out your servicing, call us today on 02084 667 849 or you can text 07517515414.

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