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Regular servicing and general maintenance of your car is essential to ensure trouble free motoring. We provide high quality vehicle servicing with exceptional value for money and unrivalled customer service.

Servicing Your Vehicle

Servicing your vehicle is essential for keeping up with maintenance and manufacturer’s recommendations. Unlike an MOT test, carrying out a service on your vehicle is not a legal requirement under UK law however it does promote hassle free motoring and regular maintenance of your vehicle will enhance the lifespan of part and reduce bills in the long run.

Vehicle servicing doesn’t need to be carried out by a main dealer, and therefore doesn’t have to be costly. We are proud to be Mini, Audi, Skoda, Seat and Volkswagen specialists. This means, where applicable, your warranties will be maintained and all servicing will be carried out to the specifications set out by the manufacturer. In addition, our team are professionally trained and have expert knowledge in servicing all makes and models of vehicles.

Our friendly and local staff will take care of your vehicle and ensure that your vehicle receives the TLC it deserves. Not only will your vehicle run smoother after a service, but you will also have peace of mind, knowing that your vehicle has been thoroughly checked and repaired, where necessary.

If you have an MOT test due, not only can we carry out the test for you from our Bromley garage, but we can also arrange Pre-MOT servicing should you be concerned about your vehicle potentially not passing the MOT first time. If you would like us to also carry out your MOT test, we can do so in our MOT test centre in Bromley.

We guarantee that you'll make major savings on your car servicing bills at Bromley Car Repairs.

We can offer you the following with confidence:



Original parts used  OE PARTS USED

Car Service books stamped  SERVICE BOOKS STAMPED

Vehicle Manufacturer Warrantee Maintained  MANUFACTURERS WARRANTIES MAINTAINED

Vehicle Servicing Bromley
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Why service your vehicle?

An increase in your vehicle's value
A well looked after vehicle can lead to an increased resell price and/or a quicker sale. A vehicle being sold with some service history, or better still full service history will fetch a higher asking price when you come to sell it.

Hassle free motoring and preservation
Servicing your car and carrying out vehicle repairs as soon as they are needed will ensure your car runs more smoothly and by keeping on top of general wear and tear, parts will last longer and breakdowns will be reduced.

Safer motoring
If your vehicle requires a clutch repair or suffers a puncture, the symptoms are clear to see and rectify. A service by a professional will pick up on the issues with your vehicle that you cannot always see or may not notice. A fully serviced car is a safer one.

Less unplanned vehicle repairs
Planning your services and budgeting for them will cut down on emergency car repair work, which can put a strain on both your bank balance and your time. By carrying out regular vehicle maintenance, you can take control of unexpected costs. Our car repair plan (below) can also help to budget your finances.

Payment plan for servicing and repairs

We offer a payment plan, as part of the Car Repair Plan (CRP) so you can spread the cost of your yearly service or any unsuspected repairs. You can use any CRP garage to have your works completed and pay for it from your fund.

If you’re a regular customer of ours and you can't get to a CRP garage, you can have the repairing garage send an invoice to us for any works and we'll redeem the funds from your CRP payment plan, as long as there are sufficient funds in your account.

For more information about our payment plan, please get in touch.

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Benefits of servicing

Getting your car serviced annually, or at manufacturer’s recommended frequency, is the best way to keep your maintenance costs down and keep your car on the road for longer. During a service, we will complete all standard checks, including oil check, filters, belts, tyre pressure and more. Unlike an MOT test, which is mostly checking for safety, servicing covers any parts of the car which may soon be in need of repair, and any manufacturer’s guidance, such as replacing a cam belt when the car reaches a certain age or mileage. Catching any issues during a service will reduce the risk of any faults occurring when you are on the road, which could not only be dangerous but potentially more costly. Another great benefit is a potential increase in the resale value of your vehicle, regular servicing, recorded in the servicing history show that due care and attention has been given to the car and that any potential issues have been highlighted and addressed.

Our vehicle servicing

Booking a service with Bromley Car Repairs couldn’t be easier, just give us a call and we’ll find the next available appointment to suit your schedule. Our services our carried out to your manufacturer’s specification and our team is highly experienced with all makes and models. As with any servicing, there are standard checks that we will complete and many tasks are undertaken as part of the service, such as changing the oil and replacing filters. If any additional work is identified as part of the service, we will always advise you before any work is undertaken so that you understand the need for the work and the associated cost. We always use OE parts when completing repairs and we will keep your log book up to date with the work completed. All of our work comes with a 2 year or 20000 mile guarantee so you can trust us to get you back on the road safely.

Bromley Car Repair Testimonials

"Always excellent service and reasonably priced. Can't recommend them highly enough!"