12 October 2020

Experts in providing Audi and Volkswagen repairs and servicing

Bromley Car Repairs

Some of the most popular and most wanted cars are unsurprisingly Audis, and perhaps more surprisingly, Volkswagens. If you are in need of servicing, repairs, parts or an MOT for either of these cars, be mindful that garages carrying out the work should be recognised specialists in the relevant vehicles. The VAG Group (Volkswagen Group) is an international German automotive group, which owns various automobile brands including Volkswagen and Audi.

Finding a garage with members who are VAG Group experts is highly recommended when it comes to requiring repairs and other services for you Audi or VW.

Our Audi Servicing

Audis are known for their innovative use of modern technology combined with their luxurious interior and exterior. As a result of being associated with luxury, some garages will charge premium rates for any Audi servicing, repairs or parts. To ensure that you do not get charged more than necessary, try calling around for a quote on the work needed. In addition to this, as suggested previously, it would be advisable to find a garage with workers who are VAG Group specialists to get those with the best expertise dealing with the job. Don’t be fooled by low prices, as going with an inexperienced garage could cost you more in the long run.

Here at our garage in Bromley, not only are we VAG Group specialists, but our prices are always honest and surprisingly low in comparison to others. We are official Audi repair experts, meaning that your Audi will be in safe hands, with the ability to deal with a wide range of Audi services and repairs, including fixing issues with electrical components or dealing with a mechanical fault.

Our Volkswagen Servicing

Volkswagens are a hugely popular car, this can be attributed to their inexpensive costs, comfort and reliability. That being said, many know about the dreaded oil and/or coolant leaks and their tendency to overheat that often come hand in hand with owning a VW. These notorious problems might lead you to think that because they are common issues, then most garages would be able to deal with them. While this is a logical conclusion, we strongly advise that you again set out to find a reliable garage who are VAG Group experts. If not fixed properly, then the running life of your VW could be drastically cut short.

Here at our garage in Bromley, we are proud to offer staff who are not only friendly, helpful and honest but are highly qualified and experienced when it comes to working on VW’s. Offering VW repairs, services and official VW parts, you are guaranteed a thorough and professional service from us. Our staff will quickly identify your problem and get it fixed in no time, prolonging the life of your VW in the process.

At our Bromley Garage, we are recognised VAG Group experts, meaning we will always provide you with the best quality service possible when fixing your car. We always use genuine Audi parts and genuine Volkswagen parts when fixing your car by using parts issued from the original equipment manufacturer, working hard to ensure that your car receives the best treatment possible and while many might think this would be costly, being an independent garage means we control the prices.

Our focus is always to trade honestly and give you the best deal possible. This means that you could find that our services are up to 50% cheaper than other garages.

Give us a call today to see how we can help on 020 8466 7849 or 07517 515414.

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