MOT Testing Bromley

MOT Testing in Bromley

Choosing an MOT test Centre for your vehicle’s up and coming test can be a daunting process. With so many garages offering eye-catching deals to secure your business, it can sometimes feel like you are being bombarded. At Bromley Car Repairs we don’t believe in ‘reeling you in’ we simply offer you honest staff, professional testing and expert advice from an accredited garage.

Let us take the stress of finding a centre for you, book in with us today and receive nothing but an experienced, professional and honest service.

Where can you find us?
Our Bromley MOT garage is located at our main workshop at 151 Masons Hill, BR2 9HW, on the A21. Conveniently situated just a 10-minute walk to Bromley Town Centre, so why not do a bit shopping while we carry out your testing?

Book your space with us today and call us on: 020 8466 7849.

Not sure of your MOT expiry date? No problem - just call us on 020 8466 7849 to make sure that your certificate is still valid. We can also send you a reminder in the post before it runs out.

Cancellation policy
We understand that often things can pop up unexpectantly, we ask that if you can no longer make your MOT test with us at Bromley Car Repairs, to contact us at least 24 hours before and we can rebook with you for a more convenient time.

Your vehicle registration number will be checked to make sure it is clearly shown on your vehicle. Although this is not always in the same position and can vary depending on vehicles, it must always be legible and effectively displayed.

The test will check over the condition, legibility, security and the format of letters and numbers on your registration plate. We will be checking to see whether the plate meets current regulations and that is has not been altered in any way.

Our brake checks are something that we take extra care with, making sure that your brakes are performing well, checking the condition and operation.

We will test the doors making sure they open and close properly ensuring that all doors easily open from both the inside and outside.

The condition of your mirrors will be checked to make sure they are of good condition for driving and security.

Your seats will be checked during the MOT, making sure the seat belts are of a good condition and are not torn or frayed.

Your steering and suspension are huge factors to look over during your MOT. We will make sure that the steering and suspension are both in good condition, with all components working together and correctly.

Although you may not think of your horn, we include this in all of our tests making sure it is in good working order.

We will check over to make sure that your exhaust is meeting the right guidelines, whilst also ensuring that the exhaust is secure, complete and has no leaks.

Your tyres must always meet the standard guidelines for your safety and others around you on the road. During this test, we will look for the overall condition of the tyre, the size and tread depth.

Your car goes through a lot over the years, which is why we check for the overall condition of your car’s bodywork. Searching for any excessive corrosion, bad damage or even sharp edges which could result in a failed MOT.

Unfortunately, it is all too easy for your windscreen to gain cracks or chips from stones or even weather and often some won’t know the effects this can have on your safety. We will check for any damage that is in line with the driver's vision as well as the size of the chips. The maximum size for a chip is 10mm and can be easily filled by a professional before your MOT.

A clean view is crucial for safe driving, which is why we check the condition of your current wipers and your washer.

We will check to see if your fuel cap fastens correctly and securely and that there is no chance for any fuel leaks.

If you have any questions regarding your MOT, car service or a general query about your car, please contact us today.

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