Car Repairs in Bromley

Car Repairs in Bromley

We will always take care of your vehicle to the highest standards, our service is honest and transparent and we will cost less than a main dealer!

All of our vehicle repairs are carried out on site by our own mechanics, and are guaranteed for 2 years or 20,000 miles. Only genuine or quality Original Equipment (OE) parts will be fitted. We cover all work from bulb changes, tyres, exhausts, seasonal checks and MOT testing right through to major engine and gearbox repairs.

Many main dealers will charge upwards of 50% more than an independent service and car repair centre and in some cases, this is purely down to the endorsement over the door. Many of the diagnostics and rigorous vehicle checks we carry out during a full service are exactly the same procedures as followed by a main dealer, so there’s really no reason to pay more.

We are specialists in VW, AUDI, SEAT, SKODA collectively known as (VAG group). We also service BMW Minis, and are fully qualified to carry out servicing, repairs and diagnostic work to main dealer level and beyond.

No additional work will be carried out without your agreement.

One of our team will always advise you of any additional work that may be required and the costs involved before any work is carried out. Only once these costs have been approved by you, will the work be completed accordingly. This guarantees that you are kept informed at all times of what your vehicle repairs will cost, and avoid any nasty surprises.

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It is vital for your safety and others that your brakes are checked regularly. Our brake safety checks involve inspecting and measuring the brake disc and pad thickness to check their serviceability, inspection and adjustment of brake shoes and drums (if fitted) and inspection of all brake pipes and hoses for corrosion and damage. Most manufacturers recommend a brake fluid change every 2 years regardless of mileage which we can also do on site.

Air Conditioning

When the weather gets hot outside, making sure it stays cool and comfortable inside your car becomes a priority, especially with children or pets in the car. The best way to reduce the probability of your car air conditioning system breaking down is to perform a service every 2 years as most air con repairs can be very costly. We carry out all air conditioning repairs on site and they come with a 1 year guarantee


Tyres are often overlooked for maintenance with attention given to the engine instead. However, looking after your tyres is an essential part of vehicle maintenance. Drop in for a free tyre check and we will check the tread and air pressure to keep you safe on the road. We can supply, fit and balance both budget and brand name tyres at competitive prices.


We use the latest diagnostic testing equipment to help ensure that we identify the correct fault quickly, saving you unnecessary expense and inconvenience. When repairs are required, we will provide you with expert advice, giving you all of the options available and the best price.

Timing / Cam Belt Change

It is vital that your timing belt is replaced as per manufactures recommendation. The cost of repairing an engine when valve to piston damage has occurred due to a broken timing belt is much higher than the cost of getting it replaced as recommended. It is also recommended that the belt tensioner, guild pulleys and water pump is also changed, which we can do whilst we’re completing the work.