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Making your car more eco friendly

electric cars

We are all looking for ways to help protect our planet, and one of the steps you can take to do this is by making your car more eco friendly. Whilst the most efficient step you can take to do this is to swap to a more eco-friendly car, however a lot of us simply cannot afford to do so. So we have listed some ways in which you can make your car more eco friendly without breaking the bank.

Stick to the speed limit

Something that should be followed regardless, sticking to the speed limit has actually been proven to help the planet. This eco-friendly way to drive, according to confused.com, can use less fuel. Finding that driving at 80mph uses up to 25% more fuel than driving at the legal 70mph limit.  

Follow your car’s guidance 

A lot of newer cars have a guideline on when to change gear, our advice is to listen to it. Your car knows what it is doing and following these gear changes will make sure that you are running your car as efficiently as you can no matter what speed you are travelling at.

For cars that do not have an automatic gear guidance, we recommend that petrol cars change gear at 2.500 rpm and a diesel car at 2,000 rpm. You can usually feel when your car wants you to change gear. Following your car’s guidance and changing gear before the revs get too high can also help you save money on fuel, as the higher the rpm the more fuel you use.

Tyre pressure

Something that is important to check on a regular basis anyway, keeping the correct tyre pressure is another way that you can easily help keep your car’s impact on the environment to a minimum. When your car’s tyre pressure is too low it can affect your fuel usage as your engine will have to work harder to get the wheels to turn as they should. 


Where a destination is shared it is a lot more economical to share a lift. Using your car less by sharing with others will mean that less fuel is consumed, having less of an impact on the planet. We recommend sharing lifts to work, school and social activities.

Plan your journey times

Sitting in a long queue of traffic with the car running can have a major effect on the environment, especially if the queue is long with a lot of other cars running as well. Planning your journey around rush hour (where possible) will waste less fuel as well as cutting a lot of time off of your trip.

We are aware that for a lot of people this is not an option, going to and from work often means travelling during rush hour and unfortunately could mean getting caught up in this traffic. If you find yourself in a long standstill consider turning your engine off for a while until it starts moving again, you will find that in a lot of newer cars this start/stop technique now comes as a feature to the car. These are only a few of many things that you can do to help keep your car eco-friendly. Keeping your car serviced regularly can help to reduce any problems occurring that will affect how your car treats the planet. If you would like to get your vehicle checked over please book in with us by either calling 02084 667849, texting  07517 515 414 or getting in touch via our email address, info@bromleycarrepairs.co.uk