16 July 2020

How to Prep Your Car for Summer

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We are all aware that when winter comes, we should be looking to get our cars ready for the bleak weather and icy roads. However, summer is also a crucial time to look at getting your car weather ready.

Although we’re not blessed with scorching hot summers in the UK, we can still have days, and if we’re lucky even weeks, that are hot enough to have some unfortunate effects on our vehicles.

So, where can you start and how can we help?

With the recent circumstances, we can guarantee that you’ll be using your car quite frequently to catch up on lost time with friends and family, so it’s a good time to find out if your car is ready for it too.

Check your battery

The last thing you want is to head off on a journey and realise that your battery is dead, or even worse, fail midway. The heat has been known to put extra pressure on car batteries, so if you’re planning a big journey it would be worthwhile getting it checked over by your local garage beforehand.

Oil change

Summer heat can take a toll on your car’s oil, which could lead to further issues with your engine if it’s having to work overtime. Make sure to keep an eye on your car’s oil levels throughout summer to ensure they are always topped up.

If you’re planning a long trip away, think about taking some extra oil in the car with you to avoid any unexpected interruptions.

Air conditioning

Air conditioning is a must-have when embarking on a road trip in the summer, there’s nothing worse than being stuck in hot car with failed air conditioning. Start your trip the right way and book in with your local garage to have this fixed for you, driver and companions alike will be thankful for it.

There are also some checks you can carry out yourself to get this back up and working again:

  • Clean off any dirt from the vents that has built up to ensure a good air flow.
  • Regularly replace your air filters, this will help prolong the time before a costly outgoing needs to be made to replace the system altogether and will allow fresh air to circulate through your car.
  • Check your cars coolant system, this should be made up from the correct amount of coolant, such as anti-freeze and water.


Lastly, the heat can have a huge impact on your car’s tyres, resulting in volatile fluctuations between low and high pressure. It is important that you keep an eye on the condition of your tyres, not just in summer but all year round.

If your tyre pressure is off, uneven wear can occur, resulting in unsafe driving conditions and erratic or increased fuel consumption.

When you’re checking over your tyres look out for:

  • Tyre pressure, the correct tyre pressure can be found in your car’s manual.
  • The tread, if your tyre tread is too low, not only is this dangerous but it can also be illegal.
  • Look over the general wear and tear of your tyres, they go through a lot with every drive so keeping them in good condition is a must.

By prepping your car for summer with the same tender loving care as you would for the winter months, you can ensure it is prepared for those longer journey’s for day trips with friends and family. After waiting all this time, the last thing you want is for a reunion to be delayed due to car issues.

If you feel like your car could do with a summer service, contact our Bromley garage today on 020 8466 7849 or simply use our online booking system.

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