13 September 2023

Car servicing: Independent garage Vs main dealer

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As we all know, it’s recommended that you get your car serviced regularly, not only to ensure the car is safe to drive, but to retain its value and extend your vehicle’s lifespan. But the question is where should you get your car serviced?

A recent survey revealed that 70% of UK motorists prefer to go independents over dealers. Both main dealers and independent garages are equally equipped and qualified to service your vehicle, but there are many benefits to opting for local, independent garages.

Original equipment parts

Many people think you have to go to a main dealer to get the right parts for their vehicle, but this is not the case. Whether you own a BMW, Audi or VW, at Bromley Car Repairs, we use original parts but without the additional dealership prices. Not only are you getting exactly the same parts, but for a more reasonable price and with a 2 year or 20,000 mile guarantee.

Fairer price

The rates charged by independent garages are usually more affordable and without compromising on quality or service. Smaller garages have much smaller enterprises to run and a smaller team to finance. Compared to dealerships who have much larger overheads with their big showrooms, bills and payrolls. This therefore means they tend to charge higher labour rates.

Genuine experience

Many people experience better customer service from a local garage rather than a main dealer where it can feel rather impersonal. With an overly corporate setting, it can even be quite intimidating for some people.

Independent garages, on the other hand, have a much more personal approach. You are able to talk to the owners directly and build up an ongoing relationship with them. Your car will need to be serviced on a regular basis and by taking it back to the same place every time, they will get to know you and your vehicle, which can make things a lot easier in the long run. You’re also less likely to be charged any extra hidden costs as you know the mechanic and have that level of trust in them.

Better communication

The sheer size of operations in main dealers can sometimes mean you experience a lack of communication. When you are one of many it’s no wonder mistakes happen. But when going independent, you tend to remain in contact with the same person who is there to answer any questions or queries you may have


Taking your car to a main dealer may be easy if you live in/near the city. However, if you live somewhere more rural you will often be closer to an independent garage which is far more convenient.
Will going independent affect the value of my car?

The simple answer is no. You do not have to get your BMW serviced at a BMW garage or Audi serviced at an Audi garage. As long as you are servicing your vehicle at the correct intervals as recommended by your car manufacturer, then your car value should not be affected by your choice of service provider. Simon Harris, head of valuations at UK Vehicle Data said, “not servicing the car according to its schedule or having a missing stamp would have a much greater impact on its value” than not servicing your car with the main dealer.

How to make sure you are going to a reputable independent

It’s important to do your research before settling on a local garage to service your vehicle. The best way to evaluate this is by reading reviews and listening to advice from previous customers. At Bromley Car repairs we are very lucky to have a loyal customer base that trusts us. We are proud members of The Good Garages Scheme, a great community that bolsters our trusted reputation.

Does your vehicle need a service? Enter your registration with us and book online now for a friendly and reliable experience from start to finish.

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